The Press Gang

Set in Waterford, Ireland in the 1960’s The Press Gang tells the story of a group of young teenagers who grew up during a time of rapid social change. Ireland was moving from a traditional culture dominated by the church and family, to a place suddenly exposed to revolutionary music, art and ideas from across the Atlantic. This clash of civilizations meant the authorities of the time didn’t know how to deal with this new generation. Some were lucky and escaped, some were not.

I worked as writer and editor for this program. This involved transcribing the interviews and creating an engaging narrative out of many hours of tape. I then edited these clips together, along with music and sound.

This program originally aired on WLR Fm in September 2010 and was made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. 


The Master Craftsman


This is the story of a crystal sculpture commemorating the huge sacrifice the men and women of the FDNY and the NYPD made on 9/11. Crafted by a local Waterford man, the documentary tells the story of the serendipitous moment when a number of firefighters who were there on 9/11 came upon Sean, in Waterford, working on the piece.

I worked as researcher, writer and editor of this programme. Again, sifting through hours of clips to create the story as well as adding music (mainly Philip Glass) and sound effects. 

This programme originally aired on WLR Fm in September 2011.


Rebellion at Mount Sion

This programme tells the story of a rebellious, or righteous, student soccer team in Waterford in the 1970's. Attending Mount Sion in the early 70's this team entered a tournament unofficially through their love of soccer. However, Mount Sion was an AA school and this meant all subjects were taught through Irish and Gaelic Football and Hurling were the only sports allowed. When the soccer team reached the All-Ireland final on the back of a tremendous series of wins, trouble arose. They needed the official name of the school to play, but the Christian Brothers would not give in. Thus we had the first student strike in Ireland.